Posted by: Miles | April 6, 2009

Ben Sherman’s Big British Sound

Ben Sherman put on a big publicity gig for cheap at Paddington Town Hall. They had everyone play two british covers in their set and gave them all some clothes to wear- though not all the bands seemed to take up the clothing offer. It was a great idea and brought together some terrific australian acts for a memorable night.

Art vs Science and the Seabellies did well with their slot, being set up at the beginning meant they had the smallest crowds. They are fun indie bands but right now i don’t feel like they have the extra oomph, that something special to set them apart. Well ok, so art v science have penguins, and you can never count out a band with penguins. They’re also set up interestingly- one drummer and two keyboard players, nice to see something different. The Seabellies showed themselves to be masters of the instrument switch, a neat little maneuver that always manages to energise the performance while taking full advantage of each band members skills.

But none of that really matters because then Jack Ladder came out and blew everyone else out of memory. They handled the set superbly, just getting out there and belting out bluesy tunes with a great style. His band was incredibly tight, a superb base player coupled with Laurence Pike’s excellent drumming really complemented the energy Tim puts into his performance. Together Jack Ladder offered us a great show, not quite alt-country, blues or folk but a bit of each of them, all rolled into a fun, head shaking, foot stomping package.

A fantastic cover of Massive Attack’s ‘Angel’ started Tame Impala’s set, that cover was probably the highpoint of the whole evening. It was a real “Tame Impala are here, pay attention” moment as they filled the room with so much reverb and ground shaking base while Kevin Parker proclaimed that ‘you are my angel.’ The crowd really surged as they played their hits ‘Skeleton Tiger’ and ‘Desire Be, Desire Go’. They proved themselves to be  great musicians and it was very apparent that a large chunk of the crowd was missing when Little Red came on. However, it remains to be seen if the hype surrounding this band will carry them to the top or sink them.

Little Red did a great job with the remaining crowd, still a sizable and enthusiastic audience. The band ran around the stage, changing lead vocals though most songs and switching instruments at every chance. They had a lot of energy and showed their skill as performers, they put the most effort of any band that night into converting the crowd. However, while being lots of fun they seemed to lack something, it was more the performance than the music itself that swept people away.



  1. Ooh, do you remember what covers each of the bands played? I’d be interested to hear.

    Let’s hope they do another night like this!

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