Posted by: Miles | April 11, 2009

Lessons From The Past: Stan Bush Dares YOU

Stan BushToday, turning on the radio may cause you to lose faith in this era of music. You’re constantly being inundated with sexualised, gangster glorifying R’n’B, depressing emo post punk and derivative, soulless pop.

It’s times like these that you need music that will pick you up from your depressing, worthless life and make you forget about impending climate disasters, political uncertainty and the ever present threat of crazy minorities just waiting to blow themselves up to prove a point. We need songs that don’t just distract us from what’s going on, someone needs to lift us up, remind us that hope is not lost and put us on a path to greatness.

This is when you need to look back on the carefree age that was the 80s- and it’s forgotten king of synth pop: Stan Bush.

Unleashing his opus ‘Dare’ on an unsuspecting public in 1984, he used a masterfully crafted torrent of synthesisers, power chords and inspirational lyrics to capture the imagination of a generation.

Today, his music is more relevant than ever before, it can be applied to almost any situation we encounter: work got you down? Feel there’s no credible political choice in the upcoming election? Is your retrenchment inevitable? Stan knows how you feel.

When your hopes have all been shattered
and there’s nowhere to turn
you wonder how you keep going

Once his insightful lyrics have you in their thrall, he picks you up from your disheartening existence and tells you that you can survive! In fact that you need to dare to believe you can survive, that you hold the future in your hands!

Dare is not just a template for what music should be like but for what your life should be like. Heed the words of Stan Bush and rise to meet the obstacles that impede your destiny!

Listen to Dare on Blip



  1. I think you need a dose of Dent May, if you haven’t already discovered..

    Oh, I’m so putting that on your mix cd for tomorrow.

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