Posted by: Miles | April 12, 2009

Jack Ladder with Straight Arrows and Kirin

This Easter Saturday, Jack Ladder brought the Hopetoun to life with the help of some talented supports- the crowd eagerly braved the rain forest levels of humidity inside to get in early and stay late for all the action.

Kirin-1 Kirin started the night and managed to gather a pretty good crowd- he was definitely an interesting fellow to say the least! After coming on with face makeup and an open shirt he just knocked out an amazing tune all on his own- using effects pedals to set up some guitar loops, he launching into singing and even a sudden shift to the drums as his guitars played themselves! The rest of his set veered from great to head scratching, he had some amazing tribal style drumming on some songs, courtesy of two members of Straight Arrows, while on others he would manipulate his voice from a whisper to dramatic flourish to a straight out howl. I think he’s a man to keep an eye on, it will be really interesting to see him develop his songs.

Straight Arrows are basically The Ramones divided by The Clash multiplied by Straight Arrowsa lot of on-stage energy. Arrows just had a great rhythm going- they set a breakneck pace with their guitars while bobbing from side to side and dancing around the stage. Their slurred singing just became part of the song as they mercilessly went on to create a cacophony of dirty rock. There was so much noise going on it was hard to tell what was happening at times but i have a feeling this may be the exact sound they were going for.

Now it was time for Jack Ladder to put on a great blues edged rock show! ‘Jack Ladder’ himself, Tim Rodgers (No, not the You Am I guy), stands tall up the front, belting out clever songs in his deep, rich voice. This first song is a great example of the bands craft: Tim sings ‘The Barbers Son’, putting down a simple melody with his guitar while Ben Wapples lays down some superb base, giving the song incredible depth at the same time as Laurence Pike’s amazing jaunty drumming seems to punctuate everything Tim sings and plays. Most of the set was put down with an incredible swagger by Tim as he lost three litres worth of sweat in the sauna that was the Hopetoun. But he also reminded us that not all his upbeat numbers were actually as fun as they appeared, as after ‘Best Kept Secret’ he proclaimed “and that was a happy little number about adultery”. During the rest of the night the band shifted from foot tapping numbers to slow ballads, then crashed out with a rockabilly outro that would make any barn-yard hoedown crew hang their heads in shame.

11-4-2009, Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Jack Ladder

Straight Arrows on MySpace
Jack Ladder on MySpace



  1. “Straight Arrows are basically The Ramones divided by The Clash…” – What?!

    Also, Tin Rodgers is Jack Ladder? The lead singer of You Am I?

  2. No, Tim is not Jack Ladder, they jsut have the same name, which is probably why he goes by ‘Jack Ladder’. I made that a little clearer in the post now.

    and yes that sentence is bullshit, basically they sound a bit like both bands.

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