Posted by: Miles | April 24, 2009

Double Whammy: Monsters vs Aliens & Mary and Max

Two animated films that are as different to each other as is possible.

monsters_vs_aliensMonsters vs Aliens is fun. It is exactly what you expect from trailers: an amusing adventure romp where kind hearted Monsters fight evil Aliens and where an audience learns some morals: believe in yourself! Don’t marry jerk weather reporters. I saw this in 3D and it was a bit disconcerting at first. It looks really beautiful at times, the depth is amazing. However, what gives you a headache at first is the focusing. See it’s all really just on a flat screen, and when they make things 3D sometimes some backgrounds or foregrounds are blurry like they would be in other films. Yet in 3D your eye tries to focus on things and when it can’t it does get disturbed. Once I learnt to only attempt focusing at what was already in focus, i managed to watch the film pretty comfortably. I’d recommend this if you’re out to have some simple fun, it’s not great but serves its purpose.

I’d say Mary & Max is also fun. However, is is fun while managing to be depressing, heartwarming and frightening. And yes we do learn some morals. mary_and_maxAll of the characters are tragically flawed and try to find solace in their own ways. Mary and Max each have no friends yet manage to accidentally strike up a friendship between two continents, sending each other letters, chocolate and lamingtons. It’s a beautiful film, created using Claymation, the worlds the characters inhabit are mostly brown and black, with brief flashes of colour to create some emphasis. The colour pallet matches the mood of the film, it is dark and confronting but manages to instill some hope. I say go check this out if you’re after a really clever dark comedy with some flashes of hope and happiness.



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