Posted by: Miles | May 2, 2009

The Drones with Kev Karmody, Metro Theatre, Sydney

Kev KarmodyI missed most of witch hats so let’s get right into it: Kev Karmody is a fantastic fellow. He marched out and quickly said what everyone was thinking: “what a strange night! Why would they put a folk singing 63 year old grandfather of 14 between the noise makers in Witch Hats and the rock show that is the drones?!” He answered by giving us a set to remember. He was a funny man but also very interesting. There were powerful stories in in his songs but he also broke things up by explaining his chord structures and joking about the experiences that went into crafting each song.  We all responded to such an open performer, you could tell he was a very interesting man with lots to say, we were lucky to get such a high quality support act.

The Drones

The Drones did not disappoint, they put on an A-grade rock show. Minimal lighting decorated a diverse set: it was either red, blue or white light as we went through the loud/quiet dynamics of Nail It Down, acoustic jangle of Your Acting’s Like The End of The World, Happy Birthday sing along for drummer Mike Noga, the harrowing acoustic epic 16 Straws and an ear shattering combo of old numbers She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For with The Millers Daughter. These last two were a welcome surprise, obviously different to the rest of the set but in a magnificent noisy way. As usual Gareth Liddiard went crazy on stage, while base player Fiona Kitschin balanced him out perfectly. Gareth would scream into the mike and Fiona would sway from side to side slowly, Gareth would thrash about with incredible energy as Fiona had her back to the crowd. All this while Mike Noga battered his drums and Dan Luscombe did little dancing shuffles around his side of the stage. At one point a member of the crowd asked if Gareth’s house had burned down in the recent bush fires, Dan replied that it hadn’t but that it was a really stupid question to ask- imagine if it had! What kind of mood would that bring to the performance? Gareth put it simpler- ‘You would have been a cunt”, before diving straight into another ear splitting number. The band finished with the combo of Kev Karmody cover River Of Tears and their favourite I Don’t Ever Want To Change. The Kev cover was an amazing build up, quiet and powerful at the beggining and loud and emotionally shattering at the end- women were weeping and men gasping in awe as the drones took this old song and made it clear that it is as relevant today as when it was written.

Mike NogaDrones Myspace

Breaking: Gareth Liddiard solo show at The Annandale Hotel on May 10th – tickets


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