Posted by: Miles | May 11, 2009

Star Trek/Wolverine


Two action packed summer money vehicles but only one really pulled it off.

Wolverine was a bit of a disappointment. Lots of fights, good to not so good effects and Hugh Jackman, who is actually great in the role. Liev Schriber also puts in a great performance as Wolverine’s menacing half-brother. Unfortunately, instead of fleshing out their relationship we’re treated to a plot which only serves to string increasingly epic fight scenes together. The first half hour of the film races forwards, needing to get through all the exposition fast so Wolverine has time to kill everyone. We skip through three or four wars, see a quick recruitment into the all-star american arse kicking squad and all of a sudden end up on a pivotal mercenary mission in Africa, which lasts about 3min before we’re suddenly six years into a love affair set in the Canadian woods. Cue shattering of dreams and thirst for revenge. I admit, there’s some cool scenes and characters along the way but overall a bit forgettable.

Star Trek is also a big string of action scenes: the epic space battle, a bar room brawl, sword fights and gun fights. Yet they are all infused with a more believable purpose. Sure there are some leaps of faith we have to take like the occasional giant ice monster battle, an incredible string of promotions and a villain motivated by tardiness. However, it does manage to keep it together for the most part. What’s even better is that the film has managed to hit a great middle ground between hardcore trek nerds and the general public. You don’t really have to know anything about star trek to enjoy the action packed rise of James Kirk but if you have followed the past films all kinds of incidental details become nods to old cannon. It’s unfortunate that Eric Banna’s bad guy, Nero, doesn’t get developed, he’s got a great look and does everything he needs to do, just not anything more than that: he’s only really there so the cast can react to him. Despite it’s flaws i’d definitely recommend you get our there and check it out if you’re up for a thrilling, action packed space adventure.

Note: The Onion have done a brilliant piss-take news report about Star Trek fans reaction to the film


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