Posted by: Miles | May 12, 2009

Peter Bjorn & John – Lay it Down

pbjThis was the lead single from new album Living Things. In their new material Peter Bjorn & John have taken a turn for the weird while still staying true to the pop sensibilities that saw ‘Young Folks’, with its infectious whistling chorus, cross the world in a frenzy of catchyness.

This track has some cool sounds going on, distorted vocals, percussion which is an excellent blend of what sounds like clapping, a drum machine and wooden sticks and pipes being knocked together. It comes together in a really catchy melody which contrasts the lyrics to great effect. By putting the f-word in the first line the song is upfront from the beginning, it’s not here to surprise you with some swearing, this track is all about the contrast: the poppy melody against the hostile lyrics.

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

And what’s it about? Jealousy? Confronting an arse hole? Things you’d like to say but never would? Make up your own mind. I think the swearing just adds to the fun of this song but i’d understand if others don’t find themselves getting into the swing of things.

Stream it on Blip

Lyrics via Songmeanings


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