Posted by: Miles | May 15, 2009

Gareth Liddiard & Jed Kurzel


This was a quiet Sunday evening gig, Jed and Gareth played acoustic sets as the audience at The Annandale Hotel stood silently taking it all in. Both performers tonight were front men of very loud and very good bands, striping back for a more introspective set. Jed made wonderful sounds, sometimes using a base, other times an electric or acoustic guitar. Most of it was a simple delicate beauty but once he tried something different- setting up some guitar loops with effect pedals so he could get a more complex sound scape going. It sounded great! This definitely reminded me it has been too long since i’ve seen The Mess Hall. Everybody else seemed to appreciate it too, you could hardly hear a whisper while he was on stage, something he appreciated apparently! He told us a story about the last time he played solo, at a uni gig, wedged between a local hip-hop act and a kung-fu sword duel. Somehow i don’t think he was appreciated as much there…

Gareth’s set involved much more story telling, between every song he’d stop and explain a bit about the next song or just start cursing about how useless Twitter is! He kept us all captivated with interesting tidbits of information on all of the songs- and the music was good too! He’s a fantastic performer, injecting so much energy into a simple acoustic song. He went through material from the last few Drones albums, it’s very different played this way but no worse off at all. You may miss the epic rock show but you get something else: with gareth’s explanations and no guitar fuzz to drown out the lyrics you really understand what the songs are about, something which might slip past audiences at a Drones gig.

Annandale Hotel, Sydney –  10/5/09

The Drones MySpace

The Mess Hall MySpace



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