Posted by: Miles | June 5, 2009

News Roundup: new albums a plenty

A quick roundup of what i’ve seen talked about this week, nothing too exciting i’m afraid, just promises of new albums from a fair few interesting acts.

  • Sigur Ros have been busy: apparently they have recorded a whole bunch of material for a new album and their lead singer Jonsi is also finishing up his solo album, which produced by Peter Katis who has previously worked with Interpol and The National. AND Jonsi has also been working with his partner on another project called ‘riceboy sleeps‘, the album should be out near the end of June.
  • The Arctic Monkeys are also working on a new album, they’ve been using two producers: James Ford, who helped producer their second album and, interestingly, their other producer is Josh Homme from Queens of The Stone Age. As of now the album is dated for a release on August 24th. UPDATE: album name is ‘Humbug’
  • Muse‘s new album has been named ‘The Resistance’, a suitably melodramatic name. They’re supporting U2 and then touring the EU in Sep so it’s hoped it will be out by that tour.
  • LCD Soundsystem guru James Murphy is working on a new one too, he’s claimed that the recording is going much better than last time, though he’s not sure if that means the album will be any better than the wonderful Sounds of Silver.
  • Lastly: Wilco have already finished their new album (titled Wilco: The Album)! I posted about the stream but now it’s been leaked online so they have decided to release it early over your usual suspects of online download sites. Go check it out, it’s great!

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