Posted by: Miles | June 7, 2009

Movie: I Love You, Man

You know i expected utter garbage going into this but was pleasantly surprised. The story is fairly predictable, following the standard rom-com pattern that’s been around for ages. However, it does offer a little twist to the usual boy meets girl, boy and girl are awesome together, boy and girl have a fight, boy and girl make up and live happily ever after. This time it’s:

Boy is getting married to girl, boy has no guy friends, girl thinks this is strange, boy goes on a series of man dates to find best friend, boy meets boy, boy and boy have a great time together, boy and boy have a falling out, etc… and so on.

The humour was sometimes crass but most of the time it was done quite well. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel put in great performances as the budding best friends. I loved Rudd’s awkward speech patterns most of all, mainly because it reminded me a lot of my own turn of phrase.

Check it out if you’re after a well done but predictable romantic comedy, with a ‘bromance‘ twist.

I Love You, Man


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