Posted by: Miles | June 7, 2009

Save FBi gigs

Save FBi

As i may have mentioned before, Sydney’s FBi radio is in some strife. But i wont lecture about how great the station is, just tell you about all the great fund raising gigs that have been set up. FBi’s been busy on the phone and has called in a lot of venues and bands to help them out in their fundraising endeavors, they have everyone from Spectrum and The Hopetoun up to The Annandale, The Metro and The Big Top at Luna Park giving up a night or two this month to host some great music. As for who you can see at these venues? Take a look:

Sarah Blasko, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Bag Raiders, Lost Valentinos, Old Man River, Katy Steel (of Little Bridy), Jack Ladder, New Buffalo, Holly Throsby, Fergus Brown, Ajax, Andy Bull, Kid Confucious, The Dolly Rocker Movement, The Mess Hall, Red Riders, Urthboy, Killa Queenz, Dappled Cities, Muscles, The Jezabels, Grafton Primary and Decoder Ring… *phew*. And that’s just some of them, take a look at these great photos for an up close look at all the acts.

To see a full list of all the gigs check out the FBi webpage. If you just go to one you’re already going a long way to keeping the station alive! But be quick, the first one is on Monday, and it’s a doozy!


and yep i volunteer at FBi so my opinions of their awesomeness may be coloured


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