Posted by: Miles | June 11, 2009

Another Night On Earth

Blasko_fbiAt the Metro on the 8th, Spunk Records rolled out Another Night On Earth, the first Save FBi gig of the month. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the format. At first i thought the 20min sets would be frustrating and useless but they turned out to make for an amazing night. Unfortunately i missed most of the musical action because i was busy helping out- but what i saw was great!

The short set times made the night like a sampler, come in and check out the cream of up and coming artists, with a few established acts thrown in for good measure. I got to see several bands i had never had the time to check out before- and i discovered new acts i’d never heard of!

Honourable mention goes to Caitlin Part, Megastick Fanfare and Bearhug for putting on great sets. My personal favourites were Parades and Sherlock’s Daughter- they were both spectacular! But i should also mention the always great Jack Ladder and The Middle east. Jack Ladder put on another great blusey set while the Middle East seemed to pull the whole of the Metro into their room. I only caught a brief glimps of The Middle East playing but after their set i was inundated with requests for more information about them, the enthusiasm of the crowd was enough for me to get hooked on their EP.

and of course Sarah Blasko was an amazing headliner, by the end of her almost all-new set everyone knew why she was at the top of the bill.


Photos from the FBi Flickr page

Sherlock’s Daughter MySpace

Parades MySpace

The Middle East MySpace

Sarah Blasko MySpace

There are still plenty of Save FBi gigs to go but i think this will go down as one of the best. Yes, perhaps not the best thing to say as someone who wants to see the station keep going but it’s the truth

*I volunteer at FBi


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