Posted by: Miles | June 13, 2009

Deerhunter at Manning Bar


Deerhunter blew through Manning with a great show. What impressed me the most about this band was how dynamic they were live, even though they use lots of loops and effects they don’t seem to be tied down to a set list. I’m sure they have songs they plan to play and particular favourites they are better at but several times during the show they seemed to consult on what they should play next. It was also hilarious when lead singer Bradford Cox asked the crowd what they wanted on the encore and everyone yelled ‘Operation!’, he was dismayed, he kept asking if we were sure, saying ‘that’s not really that good a song…’ then finally gave up with a ‘fine, Australia gets what Australia wants! … god, i don’t even know if i remember how to play this stupid song…”

Deerhunter2I admit, i went into this concert with spectacularly high expectations. It wasn’t quite the hypnotic life changing musical experience i wanted it to be. However i still might see them when they play next week. They put on a great set, i really enjoyed the live Deerhunter experience, definitely something you may want to try next week if you’d like some really loud, reverb soaked rock led by a charismatic young singer.

You can still see Deerhunter’s next Sydney showMore photos in Flickr galleryDeerhunter MySpace



  1. Rad pictures Miles!

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