Posted by: Miles | June 13, 2009


This is a website i read about recently, at it’s simplest level it is a place to buy and sell art and photographs- but it’s the way it goes about it that makes it special. Anyone can sign up for a free account, you can then post as much content as you want, free of charge. Each sale item has a base price and then you pick how much profit you want to make on top of that. RedBubble then takes all the orders, processes the transaction, prints the art and mails it to the customer. You can buy and sell framed prints, postcards, t-shirts and even calendars.

This site puts the ability to sell prints in everyone’s hands, it’s a stunningly simple idea that leverages the democratic powers of the Internet. There seem to be some interesting community features as well, RedBubble tries to give artists a space where they can communicate with other like minded people.

However, there are some problems i’ve found in my experience. There’s just so much! It’s hard to sort through it all, you can key word search but i feel they’re missing some functionality. Perhaps some predetermined categories would be helpful. For instance, i’d love to be able to look at just photographs or only drawings, etc. I think RedBubble is an amazing artists tool, it’s a resource that could be a great help to any budding artists. Yet i don’t think it’s a fully realised marketplace, i’m sure you could search through and find some beautiful, accessibly priced art but it doesn’t strike me as a place where i’ll find just what i’m looking for. Check it out, it could be i’m just inpatient. – If you liked the pictures at the top of this post you can find them here and here



  1. Miles

    Thank you and we agree that we need to have a better browsing experience. It is very much in the thinking of how to build on what we have.

    (cofounder – RedBubble)

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