Posted by: Miles | June 18, 2009

Bite Sized Album Reviews: Wilco, The Temper Trap, The Middle East

Wilco – Wilco (The Album)
I enjoyed this album from the first moment i put it on. It’s not quite the return to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot weirdness many have hoped for but it does find a nice middle ground. The songs here range from slow and quiet ballads to fun poppy songs and more tense numbers. Yet they are all similar, these are really well put together songs, they have a little bit of an indie and country twang mixed in with just enough effects to make things a bit more interesting without stealing the limelight. It’s not the most awe-inspiring set of songs but i find it to just be a really pleasant listen, something i’d put on a while enjoying a nice summer breeze.

Listen to Wilco (The Song) on and visit their MySpace page


The Temper Trap – Conditions
This is the latest ‘hyped’ release, The Temper Trap have been building a buzz for a while and this album has a lot of expectations riding on it. I have to say they have done well. This is undoubtedly a band aiming for the stadium but they have managed to create a well crafted and interesting debut album. Something i never expected has been how, at times, they remind me of Tv On The Radio. Sure, a TVOTR stripped of all it’s weirder elements, left with only it’s groove and similar vocals- but any similarities to TVOTR are a good thing. I guess i should have payed more attention to previous single ‘Science of Fear’ instead of giving in to the epic ‘Sweet Disposition’. The difference between those two songs tells the story of the whole album, these guys know how to create an epic pop pleasure as well as something a little bit more intelligent with a whole lot more groove.

Listen to Sweet Disposition and The Science of Fear and visit their MySpace

The Middle East – The Recordings of The Middle East EP
When i watched someone sell a Sufjan Stevens CD to by saying ‘if you liked the middle east you’ll love this!’ i never really knew how right they would be. The Middle East owe a lot to Sufjan’s particular sound: soft spoken singer in lush folk band, happy care free instruments in songs about men getting divorced and grandfathers dying. They do much the same thing as him with much less. It’s quite beautiful stuff, you must check out the song ‘Blood’ from this EP, it will let you know if you need to stalk them to their next show.

Listen to The Middle East on their MySpace


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