Posted by: Miles | June 23, 2009

News Round Up: September Love, Solo Madness

  • Dodos third album is due September 15th, titled Time To Die, if you haven’t checked out the Dodos before, do it now!
  • Tyondi Braxton of Battles fame is going solo and his album, Central Market, is out the same day as Dodos’.
  • Muse’s album, The Resistance, has been dated just before that, with a September 14th release date.
  • No exact date but probably out September-ish will be the solo project of TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone. He’s called the band Rain Machine.
  • They haven’t told us when it will be out but maybe they’ll follow the current September trend? Who knows, but when The Flaming Lips release their new album it will be a double CD known as Embryonic
  • In slightly sooner news Radiohead’s delux editions of Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail to the Theif will be out in late August.
  • and on August 10th Neil Finn’s new solo record should be out- but it’s not very solo. He’s teamed up with most of Wilco, Johnny Mar, Radiohead’s Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien, his son Liam Finn AND Bic Runga! It will be a double album called The Sun Came Out and all profits will go to Oxfam.

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