Posted by: Miles | July 11, 2009

Beck’s Record Club: The Velvet Underground & Nico

Beck has recently relaunched his website and he/his marketing team have been adding all kinds of goodies. It’s not very fancy, he doesn’t have all the crazy flash animations from his last website but the content is much more interesting! What he has now is just a blog-like site, with new content coming up regularly. Some of his sections are:

Irrelevant Topics: Where he’ll be posting chats between musicians “about anything and nothing in particular”, the first one is with Tom Waits.

Planned Obsolescence: a DJ set of what he and his friends are listening to at the time.

and best of all, Beck’s Record Club: a covers section in which Beck and his friends sit down and cover a whole album in a day with no rehearsal. They are currently putting up songs from The velvet Underground & Nico, i’ve put up the video of the latest song they’ve posted (Venus in Furs) as well as download links to the previous songs they have released:

Download Sunday Morning, Femme Fatal and I’m Waiting For The Man

go check out for more updates



  1. Thanks Miles, that Tom Waits interview is a riot! They are both such utter crackpots. “I’ve seen it parked”… “You lost your crowd”… home submarine building subcultures… You can just hear them saying those ridiculous things! But surely wouldn’t you say that under the bridge is a definitive LA song? About as definitive as they come really…

    • What’s wrong with these tunes? We’ve got plenty of good tunes lying around here. What are you making new songs for? We’ve got cool songs about everything you’re writing about.


      under the bridge by who?

  2. Are you joking?

    I happen to know you heard it with your very own ears last sunday…

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