Posted by: Miles | July 14, 2009

Decoder Ring: They Blind The Stars, And The Wild Team

They Blind The Stars

Decoder Ring’s third full length album finds them shifting to epic instrumental post rock sounds. There’s less synth and dancy interludes than past their past albums but more gentle soundscapes and some really nice build ups. Now some of you may read ‘epic post-rock’ and make a weird face but let me try and break it down for you: by ‘post-rock’ i mean the songs don’t follow a traditional ‘verse, chorus, verse, etc’ structure. Sometimes they use guitars, keyboards and gentle drumming to slowly build up a song for 6min before tearing into an energetic ending, other times you’ll get three to four minutes of relaxed background music and occasionally you’ll get a rapid build up to a fast paced head shaker of a song.

Decoder Ring have put together an album which is simply a pleasure to listen to. It can flow seamlessly behind anything you’re doing or get your feet tapping and your hands turning up the volume if you want to pay attention. Which is pretty much what they’re always been doing, it just sounds different this time around. And check out that album cover! It’s so horrible and awesome at the same time.

To get a better sense of Decoder Ring you can listen to some of their song at their MySpace or download Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom and Beat The Twilight from this album.


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