Posted by: Miles | July 14, 2009

News Roundup: new teams made of old team members, guest spots and symphonies

  • Jackson mania hit the sales charts a few weeks ago, at one time he had nine albums in the top ten ‘top pop catalog’ chart. That chart isn’t a measure of new music but rather looks at albums that are over 18 months old.
  • Out of the ashes of New Order comes: Bad Lieutenant. Bernard Summer and Phil Cunningham from New Order are teaming up with newcomer  Jake Evans for the project. New Order drummer Stephen Morris and Blur Bassist Alex James also contributed their talents to the new album, which will be released in early October.
  • Josh Homme is teaming up with both Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones to record an album. That’s all we know, hopefully whatever they put together will be awesome!
  • Sufjan StevensEnjoy Your Rabbit, the electronic album based on the Chinese lunar calendar is being revisited by the Brooklyn string quartet Osso. They’re going to call the new version Run Rabbit Run.
  • Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox is going to release a new album in October under his Atlas Sound name. It’s titled Logos and will feature Sterolab’s Laetitia Sadir and Noah Lennox/Panda Bear from the Animal Collective doing some guest spots.
  • No Age will release a new EP before begining work on an album. The EP is called Loosing Feeling and apparently it finds the band going more ‘left of field’ than their debut outing. Due early October.
  • and remember that new Muse album coming out in September, The Resistance? Well the band plan to close the album with a three part symphony… why am i not surprised?

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