Posted by: Miles | July 25, 2009

Bite Sized Gig Reviews: The Basics, Peter Combe, The Jezabels


The Basics @ The Opera House, Sydney, 17-7-09
These guys are great. I’m a big fan and it’s both sad and exciting to see them changing. They played an almost all new set of material, it was great stuff but very different to the super fun retro sets of old. However, they really grew in new directions and have proved just what they’re capable of. This will probably win them a new and much larger audience but i hope they find a middle ground, their old stuff is just so much fun! The best thing about this set was watching them create on the spot. They have just come back from recording their album and were still figuring out how to play the new songs. Sitting down and watching the guitarists think and try different thing, cringe at their work and then smile when something sounds good was just such a great experience. Their banter was also a lot of fun and they seemed much more comfortable than they have in a while. Good things for the basics, keep an eye open for them.

PeterCPeter Combe @ Manning Bar, Sydney, 11-7-09
Peter Combe is a god amongst the paper hat wearing youth of the 80s. I arrived to find small armies of twenty year olds wearing newspaper hats, some seemed like they had been made at home, others upon arrival with the use of scattered street press. When Peter finally comes on he’s greeted with huge applause and cheering, everyone erupts into song as he tears into his classic anthems. A grown man next to me yells ‘Parcel in the post!’ People are dancing, jumping and reaching out to touch him. A few lucky ones get a hand shake or a hand slap in the front row. His band is a tight knit cheese making machine, the base player slaps his base while shaking his head, jumps off the drum kit and sings along to each song while the guitar player (Peter’s son) adds in late 80s style wailing guitar (think Lethal Weapon soundtrack) to extended jam sequences that have been added to a few songs. It really is a night to remember- and Peter blesses us with not one but TWO encores!

The Jezabels @ The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, 10-7-09
They rocked! A few new songs, a few old songs, no encore. I don’t think they had anything else to play but personally i would have left an extra song and played some sort of either great or spectacularly cheesy cover. The show was lots of fun, they’re a tight band and have an interesting set up: keyboard, guitar and drums- no base! Singer Hayley Mary’s voice is amazing, very powerful and epic at times then soft and touching all of a sudden. The drumming was also quite interesting, i can’t put my finger on it but the drummer did something a bit different. I have no idea what it was but it made listening to the beats really absorbing. A+


The Basics MySpace(including perhaps the best profile pic ever) – Peter Combe’s MySpaceThe Jezabels MySpace

The Basics shot is from The Annandale, shots of Peter Combe and The Jezabels come from some great photographers Flickr pages.


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