Posted by: Miles | July 30, 2009

New My Disco: Antler


Download Antler here

And now for the complete opposite to my last post: a new obscure My Disco song!

My Disco are from Melbourne and i’ve seen them put on some great shows. They are however very true to their minimalist ethos, so if you’re not into hearing the same note a lot of times this may not do it for you. But i’m not really into that either and i love seeing them live and listening to a fair amount of their latest album, Paradise. I don’t know what it is about them that i enjoy, they are just such a raw band, really stripped back down to nothing. ‘Angular’ has been used to describe them and i agree, they can go from perfectly punctuated minimal rythm to ear screeching noise in a single beat, whatever they do is at least slightly out of your comfort zone.

The new track, Antler, is on the flip side of a limited edition split 7″ that US band Young Widows have released. They’ve made several other similar releases, each featuring a different band. Pelican, Melt Banana and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie have made it onto some of the others.

You can grab Antler from above or you can snag You Came To Me Like A Cancer Lain Dormant Until It Blossomed Like A Rose from Paradise if you want more My Disco

My Disco’s MySpace page
If you like them please buy Paradise on iTunes or eMusic or anywhere else really.

You could also go see them live, they are touring Australia soon:

  • Sydney – Oxford Arts Factory – Sep 24th
  • Brisbane – Sounds of Spring Festival – Sep 26th
  • Melbourne – MIAF: The Forum Theatre – Oct 17th

and here’s the Young Widows’ MySpace if you’re curious.

Photo from The Gaelic Club in Sydney supporting Pivot

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