Posted by: Miles | August 8, 2009

Seekae Remix EP Launch

Parades_vertical At the Oxford Arts Factory Seekae announced their comeback by getting together a great line up of sydney bands and selling out the venue on a Thursday night. Everyone put on short but sweet 25min sets and helped launch the remix EP and raise money for FBi.

Bearhug managed to pull in a decent crowd despite starting 15min after the doors were opened.

Parades banged out an exciting set of great uplifiting indie tunes.

Megastick Fanfare really got people moving with the 25min they had on stage.

Ghoul were completely different to the last time i saw them, when they put on a 30min experimental set. This time it was a much more traditional affair but still very interesting. I couldn’t belive Ivan Vizintin’s voice, it was so soulful, i really didn’t expect it at all.

After all these bands Seekae didn’t get to play for very long but the hour they had was a great one. They featured tracks from their album and new EP, really mixing things up at times, making them glitchier and more frantic. Vizintin from Ghoul was a welcome addition to the band when he came on to lend his vocals to Void and Wool. But the rest of the time the boys in Seekae didn’t need any help in tearing up the oxford arts factory.

Read on below for more photos


Visit the Seekae MySpace

If you like these you can see all my photos from the night here



If you like these you can see all my photos from the night here


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