Posted by: Miles | September 2, 2009

Ingolrious Basterds

basterds_posterThis is a Quentin Tarentino film. If you like what he does you’ll like this film: long, darkly funny conversations; intense suspense; grizzly, sudden violence; a plot involving an eccentric cast of characters. If you hate what he does this film isn’t going to win you over, it’s great but it doesn’t trancend the directors name in the credits.

The cast are great, Eli Roth is huge, Brad Pitt has a funny accent, Christopher Waltz is brilliant as a chiling, if eccentric, Nazi. Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger both play great female leads and that guy at the beggining with the pipe was also awesome, though i can’t bring myself to look up his name.

The story is a simple affair, WWII boiled down to Nazi’s vs Everyone (mostly Jews). The Jewish people get to F@&( up a lot of Nazi’s, the Brits get 5min of hilariously British dialogue, the yanks do some scalping and history is not a concern.

Good film, check it out if it sounds like your thing.




  1. Thats A-Bingo! I kinda though Eli Roth was a bit off. He looked right for the role, but I wasn’t overly impressed when he spoke. Christopher Waltz stole every scene he was in. Give that man an Oscar!

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