Posted by: Miles | September 24, 2009

Sherlock’s Daughter


Playing with The Devoted Few at The Hopetoun Hotel Thu 24th & Fri 25th September

SL-2I forgot to post about these guys (and girl) until today! The first show in Sydney is tonight but there’s one on tomorrow as well, even if you miss them they should be playing around the city sometime soon. Sherlock’s Daughter is one of Sydney’s most promising little indie bands and i can’t wait to check them out this week. They’ve already released a few solid singles which are great to listen to at home but they’ve also got a strong live presence. I’ve seen them perform short sets twice, at World Bar and The Metro and i urge anyone who likes their sound to get out and see them live!

SL_3Listen to Kids and Song For Old People

If you like their stuff please Buy Sherlock’s Daughter tracks from iTunes or hunt down their EP in the shops. They’re a very small band and any form of support will help to keep them going strong! This is just the type of band where every sale really does make a huge difference. You can also visit their MySpace page for more tour details and streams of their music.

You can find the Hopetoun at 416 Bourke St, Surry Hills, NSW.

props to Only An Earthling for reminding me to post about this!



  1. They sound like they provide the music for a cool new alchopop to me.

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