Posted by: Miles | September 26, 2009

My Disco, Royale Headache, A Casual End Mile

A Casual End Mile: discovery of the night.  She was playing in the bar area for free and just had the most wonderful haunting voice echoing in the silence over there. Now that i think about it this was probably what marked her out to me- every other time i’ve been in that bar at the OAF several dozen people have been trying to talk over the very loud sounds of trendy DJ’s blasting the latest hip offering. This time everyone was quiet as Ms.EndMile did her thing. You can find A Casual End Mile’s demos on her MySpace.

Royal Headache: These guys are quite fun, they just go nuts with short, fast and loud songs. They actually created a moshpit in front of the stage and pulled off the first successful stage dive i’ve ever seen at the OAF (unsuccessful one involved a drunk/drugged woman at Pivot- they were just as surprised as we were!). MySpace.

My Disco: A force of nature, there’s no other way to put it. They are a fierce and uncompromising band who manage to combine loud rock noises with the hypnosis of a repetitive beat. From the moment the curtains opened they had me and didn’t let go until  the last note, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment for an hour of music. Their new material was excellent, i can’t wait for the new album now! MySpace.

All bands played at the Oxford Arts factory on the 25/9/09, you can check out some select big pictures here or the whole Flickr gallery.

A Casual End MileRoyal HeadacheMy  Disco


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