Posted by: Miles | January 10, 2010

Things to Pay Attention To

Faux Pas
I’ve really loved his past stuff and now he’s readying an album. Well technically it’s already done but he’s just being a cock tease and only giving us a single release first. If you head along to his store you can buy the EP for $5, while you’re there i strongly recommend you get the free download of his ‘Chasing Waterfalls EP’. I actually like it better than the new song but bought the EP just because this guy is really worth supporting. Tim Sheil (who is Faux Pas) keeps an interesting blog full interesting stuff, not always related to Faux Pas material, you may want to check that out too.

My Disco
More ace music from Melbourne. These guys are putting out a new 12″ featuring a new 10min track ‘Young’ and a Qua remix. Both bands are playing shows in Syd and Melb to support it.

Friday, February 12 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW w/Qua + New War

Saturday, February 13 – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC w/Qua + New War

Sunday, February 14 – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC w/Qua + New War

These wizards have released a full live set free on the internet. It was recorded last year at the Oxford Art factory during their Remix EP launch, you can find it at the Rice Is Nice webpage.

New Weird Australia
The consistently good and always interesting New Weird Australia series has just released its fourth volume as a free download, snag it over on their website.

Have been added to the Big day Out and the Laneway festival. They’re also doing a single launch at Spectrum in Sydney on the 15th of Jan. I believe they’re relocating to New York later this year so go check them out while they’re still local boys.


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