Posted by: Miles | February 4, 2010

My Disco: Young

My Disco are releasing a new 12″ on the 6th of February. On it will be 11min epic Young and a Qua remix of the same song. I can’t tell you how happy i was when i found out that Young is the same song My Disco have been opening their live shows with recently, the same song i’ve been listening to in live bootleg form a ridiculous amount over the past few months.

Perhaps almost as good as the song is their label’s description of it as “a volatile, mindboggling excursion into the outer realms of My Disco’s dalliance with German minimalism”. I think it’s the funniest line but it may be dead on, i’m not sure, i can’t say i’ve been to the outer realms of dalliances with German minimalism before. It’s a great song, starting up all power and then settling into an extended hypnotic pattern for two thirds of the song.

You can stream it on My Disco’s Myspace page or stream or download it from Polariods Of Androids, if you enjoy this blog you should really be reading Polaroids, it’s much better.

My Disco are touring Sydney and Melbourne (dates in previous post) and North America (dates on their Myspace).


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