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Film: Ponyo


Director Hayao Miyazaki has made another brilliant new animated film for Studio Ghibli, the Japanese studio responsible for Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, How’s Moving Castle and many, many more. The movie makes, at best, very little sense. It involves a magical fish (with a human head) who’s father is an underwater dwelling wizard who hates humanity. Our little fish decides to sneak out one day and ends up meeting a young human boy and within an afternoon the two five year olds have formed a friendship that can’t be broken. Of course this doesn’t stop her grumpy dad from trying. Yet all his best efforts to get Ponyo (the aforementioned fish child) back into the sea culminate in her absorbing unimaginable cosmic powers! Soon havoc breaks out in her quest for friendship, human form and ham.

The plot may be a bit incoherent at times but two things stand out from this film: the dialogue and the visuals. While most animation studios have today moved to increasingly realistic 3D computer animation Studio Ghibli have gone in the other direction, keeping things looking traditional and even getting further abstract. Some of the scenes are beautifully rendered, with animated figures walking around a landscape that appears to be drawn with coloured pencils. It’s simply stunning to look at and only gets more fanciful as the the plot rolls on: giant waves of water made from magical fish, children running on water, huge mystical gods of the sea, prehistoric fish going about their business in your backyard, the list could goes on and keeps thing interesting through most of the film. The dialogue is mostly between two five year old children and as such is incredibly weird but almost believable much of the time. It’s very charming and funny, i challenge you not to laugh when Ponyo makes her remark about wizards and evil.

Overall it’s not a perfect film but is just the kind of nonsense that should make your day.



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Frequencies From Friends

This is a new compilation Inertia has put together as a fund raiser for Sydney’s FBi radio. I really don’t want to be an FBi whore but this is a pretty damn good compilation for $12. It’s a mix of local and international artists who have donated all kinds of stuff, live tracks, older songs, new material and unreleased songs. There’s something for everyone here, i really enjoy the indie and dancy tracks while someone else could get behind the more hip-hop flavoured stuff.

My highlights include Bibio’s happy Ambivalence Avenue, the Midnight Juggernauts acoustic take on Road To Recovery and newcomer Deastro’s poppy Vermillion Plaza.

My one gripe is the ‘booking fee’, it’s sold as a $10 compilation but there is a booking fee added to that. It’s probably something to do with the station needing to use a concert ticket widget to make the sales but a $2.30 fee is pretty steep on something that’s meant to cost $10. But even with that,  if you’re looking to get your hands on some good tracks and give money to a station that deserves it then this is the way to go.


  1. Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue
  2. Unkle with The Heritage Orchestra – Heaven (Live)
  3. Kid Confucius – Good Luck
  4. Decoder Ring – Beat The Twilight
  5. Bridezilla – Forth And Fine
  6. Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty – Wawaba
  7. Caspa – Lion’s Raw
  8. Dappled Cities – Middle People
  9. Midnight Juggernauts – Road To Recovery (Vendetta Acoustopia Remix)
  10. The Herd – Under Pressure (Live)
  11. Roots Manuva – 9 Dubs A Year
  12. Deastro – Vermillion Plaza
  13. Circlesquare – Dancers

Buy it hereMore about FBi

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Ingolrious Basterds

basterds_posterThis is a Quentin Tarentino film. If you like what he does you’ll like this film: long, darkly funny conversations; intense suspense; grizzly, sudden violence; a plot involving an eccentric cast of characters. If you hate what he does this film isn’t going to win you over, it’s great but it doesn’t trancend the directors name in the credits.

The cast are great, Eli Roth is huge, Brad Pitt has a funny accent, Christopher Waltz is brilliant as a chiling, if eccentric, Nazi. Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger both play great female leads and that guy at the beggining with the pipe was also awesome, though i can’t bring myself to look up his name.

The story is a simple affair, WWII boiled down to Nazi’s vs Everyone (mostly Jews). The Jewish people get to F@&( up a lot of Nazi’s, the Brits get 5min of hilariously British dialogue, the yanks do some scalping and history is not a concern.

Good film, check it out if it sounds like your thing.


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Go See Decoder Ring

28th Aug – The Metro – Sydney
5th Sept- Hi-Fi Bar – Melbourne
12th Sep – Baroque Bar – Katoomba
5th Dec – Homebake – Sydney

OldestProtein Express
OldWelcome Shoppers, Alsace Lorraine
Not As OldHeidi’s Theme, More Than Scarlet
Even Less OldEscape Pod
NewBeat The Twilight, Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom

You can buy Decoder Ring on iTunes or eMusic or visit their website for more info

That is all


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Tron Watch: Daft Punk

tron_movie Well Disney continue their silly viral marketing for the upcoming 2010 sequel to Tron, giving film websites addresses to decode and luring them to fake arcades. It’s interesting but seems fairly pointless.

Some great stuff to come out of this though is new Daft Punk material! It’s been revealed that they’ve made 24 new tracks for the film and a reworking of their Tron Legacy Theme by Cryda Luv is loose on the Internet. I like it but would love to hear the whole album.

Download the theme

*i actually missed this song coming to light, props to A.I.S. for letting me know about it.

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Dappled Cities Tour


Since Dappled Cities first appeared back in 2001 their sound has become much more layered and complex while  holding onto the original charm the pop on their first album A Smile had. The Sydney band’s third album, Zounds, is lushly arranged with lots of guitar and keyboard and some punchy drumming. Dappled are currently in the middle of an Australian tour, check them out if you get the chance:

21/8 – Canberra – ANU Bar
22/8 – Sydney – Metro Theatre
27/8 – Byron Bay – Great Northen Hotel
29/8 – Brisbane – The Zoo
3/9 – Perth – Amplifier Bar

Vist Dappled Cities’ MySpace – Buy Zounds on iTunes or eMusic


The Price was the first single from Zounds, initially i didn’t like it too much but then someone at work started singing the words out loud one day and suddenly i can’t get it out of my head.

Hold Your Back is the first track from Zounds and is probably one of my favourites. It’s got a good slow build up full of quirky drumming and effects punctuating the great synth.

Holy Chord is lifted from second album Granddance and show off the high notes these guys love hitting.

League of German Girls was my favourite track from the first album. It’s completely different from the rest of A Smile but is just such a great track which always washes over me and makes me feel.

*Photo from FBi’s Final Fling at the Metro last June

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Great new video for Grizzly Bear’s ‘Two Weeks’

Grizzly Bear’s song Two Weeks had an official video made up a while ago- but now a fan has created a great animation to go with the song. Gabe Askew spent about 2 months making the video and you can see the care that went into it. Gabe apparently has six years professional experience in CGI videos, mainly for architecture firms. You can check out his Vimeo profile to see his demo reel.

The video is stunning, i really love it. The imagery just brings the song to a new level for me, it makes me feel very sunny and happy.

Here’s Gabe’s video

And here’s the original ‘Two Week’ clip

*Thanks to Will’s great We All Want Someone blog for bringing this to my attention. If you happen to be a fan i can’t imagine finding a blog that could give you more information on the Arcitc Monkeys 🙂

I had never really heard about Sydney band Royal Headache. That is until Mess+Noise reported that Pitchfork had reported on them because their editor had read about them on Rose Quartz. So i guess i’m just another step down the news ladder (ok, so probably more than one step away from Mess+Noise).

The point is their song Eloise is great and i don’t care who found it. Royal Headache seem to focus on nice melodies covered by heavy distortion and fuzz. I have yet to jump onto their other tracks but i’m a big fan of Eloise.


Download Eloise

Royal Headache are playing the Flip Out Festival in Sydney(25/8) and Melbourne (5/9). They’re also supporting My Disco in Sydney on September the 24th.

Royal Headache on MySpace

*Photo from the Royal Headache MySpace
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Seekae Remix EP Launch

Parades_vertical At the Oxford Arts Factory Seekae announced their comeback by getting together a great line up of sydney bands and selling out the venue on a Thursday night. Everyone put on short but sweet 25min sets and helped launch the remix EP and raise money for FBi.

Bearhug managed to pull in a decent crowd despite starting 15min after the doors were opened.

Parades banged out an exciting set of great uplifiting indie tunes.

Megastick Fanfare really got people moving with the 25min they had on stage.

Ghoul were completely different to the last time i saw them, when they put on a 30min experimental set. This time it was a much more traditional affair but still very interesting. I couldn’t belive Ivan Vizintin’s voice, it was so soulful, i really didn’t expect it at all.

After all these bands Seekae didn’t get to play for very long but the hour they had was a great one. They featured tracks from their album and new EP, really mixing things up at times, making them glitchier and more frantic. Vizintin from Ghoul was a welcome addition to the band when he came on to lend his vocals to Void and Wool. But the rest of the time the boys in Seekae didn’t need any help in tearing up the oxford arts factory.

Read on below for more photos


Visit the Seekae MySpace

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Gig Review: Gazing Souls

The Spheres
Great Earthquake
No Art
Seth Rees
The Nhomeas


Read on for the scoop on an intimate gig in the inner west.

Read More…

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